Double Your Productivity With These 3 Simple Tips

Would it be ok if I took a moment to talk to you about productivity?

Everybody knows that we need to work hard and focus to get new clients, but we also need to apply that same level of focus to providing great service for the clients we already have.

By applying these three simple tips you’ll be able to provide more efficient service to your existing clients, and give yourself more time to focus on building your client base.

1. Plan your day

The most important part of increasing your productivity is to properly plan your day. It’s easy to start working on the first thing in front of you, or the first thing someone asks you about, but you need to make sure you’re dedicating your time to working on the most important task first. However you decide the priority of your tasks - whether it is to meet a deadline or work on the biggest task - make sure you plan to work on the most important task first.

2. Focus

Everybody knows that multitasking is a good skill to have, but some people understand that the most productive way to work on a task is to concentrate all of your attention to the task at hand. Spreading your attention over many tasks means you’re not giving any of them your full attention, and that may cost you time later. Focus on one task at a time and you’ll be able to deliver your best service first time.

3. Remove Distractions

Meetings, emails and phone calls can pull your attention away from the task at hand. It may only seem like a few minutes here and there, but every time your focus comes away from your task it takes you some time to re focus and get back to work. These little distractions can soon add up. Say no to meetings if you can and set aside a time - right before or after lunch - to reply to emails and phone calls. This will allow you large blocks of time to work on important tasks.

Following these tips will give you more time to do what you do best, which will benefit both you and your clients. Learn more about managing your time better here.

Learn more by watching this video here:

A Bit Of Humour For You

Sarah was always late to work no matter how much she tried to be on time, or how many times her boss scolded her. She just could not wake up on time.

Her boss said she would fire her if it did not stop. Sarah decided to seek the advice of her doctor.

He prescribed her some medication and told her to take one pill before going to sleep. She did and she woke up before the alarm clock sounded and headed into work feeling well rested. Sarah told her boss about the doctor’s prescription and how well it worked.

Her boss said, “That is great, Sarah, but where were you yesterday?"




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