The One Simple Trick To Improve Communication With Prospects

Everybody knows that we are drawn to people who share commonalities with us. For example, our views on family, politics, and how we go about living our lives. However, statistically, we only get along with 1 in 4 people that we meet.

This means that you are potentially losing out on 75% of opportunities for bringing on new clients because, as humans, we tend to reject the opinions of people who don’t communicate in the same way that we do.

The inability to communicate with the other 75% of people that we meet is one of the biggest reasons why businesses struggle to get new clients, and even manage their own teams. Most people don't know that you have to use different words than you would usually use when you speak to people with a different mindset.

The reason we only get on with 1 in 4 people is because there are 4 primary personality types.

  • RED - Task oriented, focused on the bottom line, these are leaders and managers
  • GREEN - Calculated and strategic, they love facts, these are engineers and lifelong students
  • BLUE - Fun loving, interested in people, they are creators and networkers
  • YELLOW - Nurturers, focused on how they can help others, these are healers and support staff

So how do we effectively communicate with the other 3 out of 4 personalities?

Well, it starts with YOU.

There are a lot of different ways you can learn how to communicate with the different personality types and speak their language. They key to mastering this skill is to first find out what your own personality type is. Just like a GPS uses satellite navigation to find out it’s current location before giving you accurate directions.

Would it be ok if I taught you how to speak the secret language of your prospects? Learn more about yourself and the exact words you need to use to communicate on their level here.

Once you know what your personality type is and how you prefer to communicate with others, then you can make adjustments to how you communicate with your prospects of a different personality type. This makes it easier to get more clients, more easily and more often - without even selling.

Learn More About Communicating With Different Personality Types In This Video:


A Bit Of Humour For You

Three kids argue, whose father is the fastest.

The first one said, “My papa is the fastest, he can overtake the arrow that he shot with the bow”.

The second retorted, “My dad is even faster, when he hunts, he can gun an animal with a gun and run up to the animal before it falls down”.

The third laughs, “That’s not fast! My daddy can time travel!

Astonished the other two kids snort in unison, “No way!”

The third kid replies, “Yup, my daddy works for the government. He finishes work at 4:30 pm, but he's back home by 3:45 pm already!




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