How To Identify And Speak To Clients With Different Personality Types

As you know, every person on the planet is unique. People will react to the same information in very different ways which can make it difficult to know how to approach people on a professional basis.

The good news is, that the majority of people in the world can be grouped into four broad categories, who tend to react to things similarly. This can make it easier to approach someone - but first you need to be able to identify which group your prospect fits into.

The following is a quick and easy explanation which will help you identify the personality types you come across and how to build rapport with them.

1. Analytical “Greens”

Someone with an analytic personality type will come across as very serious and formal. They may not be very expressive in a meeting, but they will listen intently and gather as much information as possible. They’ll likely have done a lot of research and be asking specific questions during your meeting. Analytics, or “green personalities” will will respond best if you are as formal as possible, and stick to the facts and hard information, rather than trying to form a more personal bond.

2. Amiable “Yellows”

Unlike Analytical people, those with the amiable personality type value the relationships of those they do business with over pure facts. Meetings with amiable people will likely feel more personal and calm. We refer to these people as “yellow” personalities. They’ll want to get to know you as well as your business, and they’ll attempt to create a more personal environment. When meeting with someone in this group it is important to build the rapport of the relationship as much as possible to ensure they trust you with their business.

3. Assertive “Reds”

The assertive type knows exactly what their goals are, and they want to achieve them as quickly as possible. They’re very competitive and will tend to be very outspoken in a meeting, often appearing loud and very confident. It may be difficult to keep these “red” personalities focussed on your agenda, as they’ll have their own view on how things should be done. Let an assertive person know how you can help their bottom line rather than specifics of how it works. An assertive person will appreciate answering questions directly and efficiently.

4. Expressive “Blues”

Like amiables, those with the expressive personality traits will want to bond with you on a more personal basis when building a business relationship. These “blue” personalities love fun and excitement.They tend to be creative and outgoing, but more focussed and confident than those in the amiable group. It is best to speak to expressives by showing examples of how your service has been effective. This will help to show them how you’ve managed to cultivate a relationship with other clients in the past.

By learning how to identify these different types of personalities, you can learn how to best communicate with each of them in turn. We talk a lot about this in my new book called Stop Selling. Learn more about that on my website, here.

A Bit Of Humour For You

Johnny paid his way through college by waitering in a restaurant.

"What's the usual tip?" asked a customer.

"Well," said Johnny, "this is my first day, but the other guys said that, if I got five dollars out of you, I'd be doing great."

"Is that so?" growled the customer. "In that case, here's twenty dollars."

"Thanks. I'll put it in my college fund," Johnny said.

"By the way, what are you studying?" asked the customer.

"Applied psychology."





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