How To Get Prospective Clients To Make A Decision Quickly

Everybody knows that getting more clients is a great way to grow your business.. But how do you get a prospect to quickly make the decision to become your client so you don’t waste time?  

Most people will want to take time to consider all of their options, such as the offerings of your competitors or if your services are a good fit for them.. If you can show a prospect that you can solve their problems, then you will become indispensable to them, and they’ll make a decision much faster. With these simple tips you’ll be able to get your prospects to make decisions quickly about becoming a new client:

1. Know Your Prospect And Their Business

The most important thing is to know who you are talking to before your meeting. Find out who they are, how they like to do business, and what their needs are. You should also find out how they are currently dealing with the problem at hand; whether that is through a competitor, or in house service.

The more you know about your prospect, the greater chance thatyou can help them with what you have to offer. If you can demonstrate how you can solve their problems better than anyone else, they’re more likely to commit to you sooner.

2. Ask Questions And Show Genuine Interest

Once you’re in the meeting, you should continue to try to learn as much about your client as possible by asking questions. Find out what they consider to be their biggest problems and then show them how you believe you can solve those problems. By asking questions and actively listening, you’ll be able to speak directly to your prospect with solutions and recommendations that really matter to them. This will show your prospect that your number one priority is solving their problem - not just adding another client to your roster.

3. Tell Them The Next Step

After you’ve demonstrated that you can easily solve your prospect’s problems, then YOU need to direct the conversation to action.. Set a deadline for formalizing the agreement, and tell them what they need to do next. You can then immediately begin to make plans for how you will be working together and start building your business relationship.

Learn more about how to Get Clients Without Even Selling here, or watch this quick video for another great tip on getting clients:

A Bit Of Humour For You

I met a good friend while taking my morning walk. “Hey Paul, why do you look so dejected today?”  “Oh Henry, I’m in trouble. I need cash for the business and have no idea where to get it from!!”  “Oh I’m sure glad to hear that” I replied. “I was afraid you might think you could borrow it from me!”




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