How To Take Control At Client Meetings

Everybody knows that client meetings are an important part of business. But how do you ensure that these meetings move you closer to your professional goals instead of wasting time with useless meetings?

You need to take control.

Taking control of a meeting doesn’t mean sticking slavishly to a pre-planned agenda. It means ensuring that your objectives are met efficiently and effectively.

Here are three simple tips to help you take control of any meeting:

1. Know your purpose before starting the meeting.

Set goals for your meeting. What do you want to happen? Get new client? To close a deal? To ask for a referral?

Prepare for your meeting around your final goal. If you have a chance to set the agenda yourself, then take it. Setting the schedule of the meeting allows you to control which topics are brought up. Stick to 2-3 talking points which relate to your message, and always bring the conversation back to these points if the conversation wanders.

2. Plan the Intro and Close

Your introduction and closing points are vitally important in client meetings.

Your introduction sets the tone for the meeting. A strong opening gives you a chance to build rapport with your clients, as well as control the conversation. Peak your client’s interest with a talking point that is not only interesting, but reinforces your purpose/goal.

Likewise, your closing should consolidate the gains made in the meeting. Create a call to action and make sure people follow it. Not only does this ensure that your goals are met, it sets a precedent that your meetings result in actionable outcomes.

3. Listen Actively

Taking control of a meeting doesn’t mean you should be the only one talking. Let your clients speak and genuinely listen to them. By actively listening, and then relating this to your talking points, you’ll show  your clients how you can help them solve their biggest business challenges.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be prepared for any client meeting and be in a position to move towards your goals quickly and easily.

On my website you can find further discussion and tools for how to talk to your clients.

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A Bit Of Humour For You

A young job applicant was being interviewed for an entry level position.
His prospective boss asked, “Are you a smoker?”

“Not even a little,” said the young man.

“How about alcoholic beverages?”

“Never touch ‘em,” he replied.

The boss smiled and asked, “So you spend a lot of time with girls?”

The applicant said “No, not really.”

“So you don’t have any vices?”

“Well, I do have one,” he admitted.

“And what would that be?” the boss asked.

“I tell lies.”





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