How To Get More Clients Without Selling In Only 60 Seconds

How To Get More Clients Without Selling In Only 60 Seconds

Many times, at breakfast meetings or networking events you’ll be asked to give a 1-minute presentation of your business and services.

This can be scary since there’s a lot of pressure to perform and convince people they need your services in such a short amount of time!

But some people have found a way to use short stories to stimulate interest and build trust in only 60 seconds.

So let’s talk about what’s involved in this 60-second presentation.

You may have read my article on how to get new contacts begging for more information using the “fact-fact-hook” technique. If you haven’t - click here to learn about this powerful tool.

This 3 step technique is the perfect opener for your 60-second presentation since it grabs the listener's attention, and gets them saying:



“Tell me more!”

After you’ve mastered this powerful opening, you need a short story which supports the believability of your statement, and makes a connection with your audience.

I’ve found that the most effective way to tell a short story is to use 5 concise points.
Here’s how it works.

For this example, let’s say the story is about a man named John.

  1. People meet John
  2. People like John
  3. John has a problem
  4. John overcomes the problem
  5. John is a success

Let’s say you sell home insurance and want to use this story technique to make a connection with your audience -  here’s your story:

I received a call from Tuscany this week. It was from one of my clients, John. He’s a great, stand-up guy and a hard worker. Recently John’s house flooded during a big storm, and the entire first floor was destroyed. Since his home insurance paid for all of the damage, he was able to take a holiday to Italy while the repairs were being made. He called me to thank me for helping him sort out the policy and tell me all about his exciting trip.

Now people see the value that your insurance provides to your clients, and you’ve established likeability and credibility.

After you’re story, you simply present a single, concise statement about your business, followed by a non-threatening closing statement.

At XYZ Insurance we love hearing stories like this. We want to help people feel safe and secure so they can focus on pursuing their goals with confidence and peace of mind.

So what’s easier for you? To worry about what might happen if there was damage to your home, or to grab coffee with a policy advisor and get a free consultation to put your mind at ease?

See how simple that is?

You’ve got them seeking more information with your powerful opener, established credibility and likeability with your story, told them about your business without selling, and asked them what they’d like to do next.

All in less than a minute!

Give it a try. I think you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can create an effective 60 second presentation.

If you’d like to learn more about crafting the perfect 60-second presentation that will help you build rapport and get more clients quickly and easily, click here.



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