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The "Ask a question" hook.

How do we take prospecting to a higher level? Here is the difference between a benefit and a hook. You decide which is the more powerful approach. Imagine we are a personal trainer talking to our workout client about exercise. We want to sell our nutrition. Approach #1: “You should buy this supplement. It will extend the benefits of this workout.” Approach #2: “How long do you want the benefits of this workout to last?” Approach #2 uses the “question hook” approach. The difference in results will be startling. And we can... Read full article

The chocolate mindset that professionals know.

We don’t have to depend on mental toughness to build a mindset for success. We have help. Here are some ways to get our brains to release endorphins, a “feel good” hormone: Exercise. Watching a good drama on television. Meditation. Dark chocolate. Now I don’t know about you, but it looks like I have a choice: Choice #1: Exercise. Choice #2: Dark chocolate.‚Äč So, the next time you see me eating dark chocolate (and that should be often), remember that I am only doing it to enhance my positive mindset. Words we can change to... Read full article