Why do some people struggle in Business while others are smashing it?

Question: "I have my vision board, but my business still isn’t working. Why?"

Answer: "If we have our 'WHY until we cry,' what do we have? We have a reason to do the business, but we still don’t know HOW to do the business. Having a good WHY still gets nothing done."

Question: "I have the perfect system. Others have proved it works. But why is my business still not working?"

Answer: "We all know WHAT to do, but that still doesn’t mean we know HOW to do it. Can we write down word-for-word our first 5 sentences?"

Question: "I have my motivation. I paid $7,000 to go to a Tony Robbins boot camp. I chant affirmations and sing the company song every morning. But my business still isn’t working. Why?"

Answer: "Motivated incompetence is still ... incompetence. A highly motivated, unskilled pilot will crash at a faster speed. We need the skills to fly an airplane, not motivation."

Question: "So how do I finally get my business to work?"

Answer: "Learn the SKILLS. When we learn HOW to do it, we can succeed."

I hope that is why you are subscribing to these weekly tips and reading “Bernie “books or downloading the audios.

We need hardcore skills when we actually talk to people.

Skill: In just three words.

To overcome procrastination, say these three words to ourselves: "Can I just ..."

Then pick an easy first step. Once in motion, it is easier to stay in motion.

For example, if we don’t want to call our prospect back, we could say to ourselves, "Can I just pick up the phone and dial the first three numbers?"


- What's blue and doesn't weigh very much? Light blue.

- I got gas today for £1.01. Unfortunately, it was at Burger King.




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