How people move products and services - without sounding like a sale.

Products and services don’t have legs. People move products and services.

So if we want to move more products and services in our teams, we have to learn how to move people.

Getting New clients and increasing Business is all about relationships and moving people forward.

Do we have these skills? Probably not from our general school training.

Can we learn the skills? Of course.

We have to pick and choose what we learn, as we only have 24 hours a day.

So would this be a great skill to learn, the best form of communication to build rapport.

It will take less than 6 seconds, and it is the most important 6 seconds after you have gone through the basic introduction.

People feel more comfortable with people who are more like them, not like less like them.

So, if we can have some common ground, it is a great starting point.

How do we do this? mention a fact that our prospect agrees with.

For example,

Doesn’t time fly
We seem more busy than ever
Most people live longer these days
There are more distractions for our children than when we were younger
The price of petrol is crazy

Let’s get our prospects to feel more comfortable with safe facts early in our conversations, without trying to sell.


A Bit of Humour for You

Exam question: “Use the word diploma in a sentence”.

Pupil: “Our pipes were leaking, so my dad called diploma.”

Teacher: “Who can tell me where Hadrian’s Wall is?”

Pupil: “I expect it’s around Hadrian’s garden!”

Biology teacher: “What happens when human body is immersed in water?”

Student: “The telephone rings.”

Teacher: “What does the 1286BC inscription on the mummy’s tomb indicate?”

Pupil: “Is it the registration number of the car that ran over him?”

Teacher: “Where’s the English Channel?”

Pupil: “I don’t know. My TV doesn’t pick it up.”

Angry father: “Just look at this report card! Your friend John doesn’t come home with C’s and D’s on his report card!”

Son: “No. But he’s different. He’s got really smart parents.”




















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