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More Sales Through Added Value

Is 'Offering Added Value' just a Bunch of Words?   Businesses talk about giving added value. Some even achieve this massive profit catalyst, but what is added value in real terms and how do you deliver it?   Added Value: What is “Value added “ ? A totally unexpected additional benefit that transforms the feelings of the buyer. (Who will now want to do business with you again).   It just needs to be these three things:   1 - Genuine. As opposed to a gimmick or bribe. 2 - Individual. Something that is done in... Read full article

There are two types of people to train for your team.

    1. Those that know how to do it (have the skills) but have no motivation. They are comfortable where they are. Our challenge is to motivate them to action. That is really, really difficult. 2. Those that do not have the skills, but are highly motivated. We have to teach them the skills of your business. That is a lot easier. See a plan? Find highly-motivated people, and then teach them the skills. They will continue to work, and we won't be frustrated.   Smile!   This is a universal body language signal that tells... Read full article