How To Meet High Net Value People At Networking Events

Would it be ok if I took a moment to talk to you about networking events? Many people see these kinds of events as a dreaded necessity of being in the industry, but people some see it as a chance to get new perspectives on the industry and increase their professional network.

Meeting like-minded professionals is an important part of growing your business, and networking events can be a great chance to meet a lot of people quickly. It can all be a bit daunting though with so many people around. So how can you get the most of out of your next event? The following tips will help you meet more of the RIGHT kinds of people at networking events.

1. Embrace The Event

It is important to go into these events with the right mindset. So many people go to these events because they feel they “have to” - and as a result will leave themselves closed off to some potentially great connections. Go in with the mindset that you want to meet some new people who will help broaden your mind to new ideas, as well as broaden your business to new markets.

2. Be Approachable And Friendly

Don’t hide in a corner or near an exit. Get out there where you can be seen and have an open, friendly expression which invites people to come and talk to you. When someone does approach you, greet them with a genuine smile and introduce yourself. This will help to build rapport right from the beginning, as well as help put their own nerves at ease.

3. Ask Questions

At many networking events people are just waiting for a chance to talk about themselves. You should let them, and also actively listen to what they have to say. By asking the right kinds of questions and intently listening, you’ll get a good idea whether this person is someone you would like to build a connection with. You’ll also demonstrate that you’re interested in their needs, which can help to build instant rapport and trust. You may find that you’ll be able to help them solve a problem they’re having, or put them in touch with another connection who can - which will also help to build the relationship.

4. Tell Your Story

When you’ve identified someone with whom you can build a business relationship, you should tell your story to let them know who you are. You should work what you’d like to say before the event so that you can share something engaging and compelling. You should  be able to deliver your story in 30-45 seconds. Everyone at these events will be hearing lots of stories, so you want to make it memorable. Ask yourself, what do you want to be known for?

5. Work In A Team

If you already have some great connections, then you should leverage that by working together. If one of your connections already has a relationship with someone at the event you should ask for an introduction. Alternatively, you can work together when meeting people who are new to both of you. This will give those new connections a better idea of how a business relationship with you will work.

On my website you can find more tips and resources to help you build your own network and make winning connections. Take a look at those here.

Want a quick tip to make networking events easier? Watch this short video for another great piece of advice about meeting people at networking events:

A Bit Of Humour For You

A very successful partner in a big firm had a peculiar habit. He would go to his desk every day, open a locked drawer, look inside, lock the drawer again, and start his work. This continued for many days.

His subordinates knew that he hid the secret of his success in the drawer, they waited for the opportunity.

Then, one day when the partner had gone out of the city, the juniors decided to make a break.

They broke into the drawer, breathlessly, and looked inside. There was one small piece of paper inside – it said – “Left is debit and right is credit.”




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